Is Sun Allergy Real?

Contrary to popular belief, not all people avoiding the scorching heat of the sun are acting like vampires. Unfortunately, sun allergy is real and it is affecting more and more Americans. In fact, a lot of people with this level of skin sensitivity in the Fort Worth, Texas area are extremely vulnerable since the metropolis […]

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Eczema for Adults

Are you suffering from unbelievably itchy skin? Have rashes started appearing at random parts of your body, often on your face, hands, and elbows? Do you experience skin irritation especially at night? These could be symptoms of eczema, a popular skin disease among children. Contrary to popular belief, adults can also have eczema or atopic […]

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Nail and Skin Fungal Infections

Summer is already in full swing, but some of you might not be happy about this ‘hot’ season of sandals and flip-flops. Embarrassed about exposing your unhappy bare feet and toenails? Probably fungus is to blame! Common examples of fungal skin infection include; Athlete’s foot; flaky, itchy, red, and often painful skin usually between toes […]

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