Sunnyvale TX

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About Sunnyvale Texas

Sunnyvale is a rural area in the Dallas County Texas area. The population of Sunnyvale is only 5,130 as of the 2010 census.

The city has a total square mile area of 16.7 and sits on an elevation of 486. There is a population density of 161.

Sunnyvale uses the 75182-zip code and 214, 469, and 972 area codes.

The town of Sunnyvale was home to several different Native American Tribes before the European Settlers conquest. In 1821, the town become a possession of Mexico, it was during the Texas revolution that the area of Sunnyvale changed ownership and then settlers moved there and established it in 1845.

The town was destroyed in the 1920’s due to a storm but has been building back up ever since. If you just moved to the Sunnyvale area and are looking for a compound pharmacist, please contact us at Kearney Park Compound Pharmacy.

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