Is Sun Allergy Real?

Contrary to popular belief, not all people avoiding the scorching heat of the sun are acting like vampires. Unfortunately, sun allergy is real and it is affecting more and more Americans. In fact, a lot of people with this level of skin sensitivity in the Fort Worth, Texas area are extremely vulnerable since the metropolis has a reputation for hot and humid weather.

To be more precise, sun allergy, also known as photo dermatoses, is more of heightened sensitivity and varying degrees of reactions of the skin to the sun. The most common form is polymorphous light eruption (PMLE), which starts with burning rash and itchiness within two hours of sun exposure. It may be later accompanied by swelling, chills, nausea, bumps, and scaling. People of American Indian background are also vulnerable to hereditary PMLE, a more extreme version of the disease.

We also warn our clients, especially those heading to the beach, of photo allergic eruption. It is triggered when a chemical or component of a cream, sunscreen, perfume, or ointment reacts negatively to sunlight. Certain antibiotics and pain relievers can also cause this sun allergy.

Oral antihistamines, skin balms, and steroid creams can help relieve the pain and itchiness, but only time will fully heal and remove the lesions left by the sun allergy. While there is still no cure, doctors assure that the likes of PMLE and photo allergic eruption are not life-threatening. Preventive measures such as wearing long and comfortable clothes, adding clinically approved sun screen, and using an umbrella or parasol when outside are still the best way to avoid the discomforts of sun allergy.

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