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Services – Assisted Living Facility and Group Homes

Our goal is to create a circle of care that promotes your safety and well-being. We vow to communicate with you and/or the person you designate about medication pricing and insurance cost. We can also arrange cash pricing in situation that would benefit. We strive to meet your medication needs with our seamless processes and attentive staff. As a local provider we want to make a personal relationship with our patients and make sure all their needs are being met.

* Free delivery

* Compounding less expensive alternatives

* Auto-Refill

* Extraordinary customer service

* On Call Emergency Pharmacist

* Custom formulations for difficulty swallowing (Oral medication can be turned into lozenges, suppositories, liquid or cream)

* Personal liaison available for concerns and questions daily by phone or on-site (by appointment)

* Flexible payment options

Our mission at Kearney Park Compounding Pharmacy is to provide innovative and customized care to simplify your prescription needs here in Dallas Texas area i.e. Mesquite, Garland, Balch Springs, Forney, Rowlett, Rockwall, Sunnyvale, and much more. At Kearney Park you are not just a number. We strive to connect the dots with physicians, insurance companies and windsor to offer exceptional care.

You will always be the center of our focus.

Hours of operations: Mon-Fri 8-6 l Saturday 10-2 l Sunday Closed
Kearney Park Shopping Plaza 502 W Kearney Suite 900 Mesquite, TX 75149