Best Vitamins and Supplements for Women Over 40

“You are not getting any younger.” This is one of the hardest truths to face for women in their 40s. Women at this age often know what they want, whether in career, family, or relationship. The problem is many strong and independent women tend to focus on their goals and put their health in the […]

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Recommended Nutrients for the Elderly

Here at Kearney Park Compounding Pharmacy, we are often asked for recommendations on the best vitamins for members of the family. While we have specifically advised supplements for each age group, we always make it a point to emphasize the need to have the elderly get the right amount of nutrients. In fact, degenerative diseases […]

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Recommended Vitamins for Women in their 20s

Given the peak of their health, many women in their 20s see themselves as invincible against diseases. This leads them to neglect diet & exercise and heighten the risk of medical problems in the future. This is why we at Kearny Park Compounding Pharmacy tell all our customers that vitamins are important for every one […]

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