Dr Natalie Clark

Dr Natalie Clark Is a registered pharmacist, health consultant, and functional medicine practitioner. She fell in love with functional medicine in the midst of her own health journey. At the age of 19 she was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Hypothyroditis. After years of conventional treatment, and still not feeling well she knew there had to be other options. The functional medicine approach has help her reclaim her health, and she loves to help other patients get started on their healing journey. Dr Clark has over 10 years of healthcare/pharmacy experience, and is currently training with the institute of functional medicine.

Though by profession she sells medications for a living, Dr Clark is known for “Thinking outside the pill box”.  She truly believes food is medicine, and that medication should be the last resort and use for acute conditions.  The functional medicine approach consists of getting to the root cause of symptoms and making patients a vital member of their health care team. She realizes that each patient is unique, and that together we must come up with a personalized plan to help  patients live healthier more vibrant lives.

In her spare time you can catch Dr Clark at the gym lifting weights, watching her favorite  sports teams, shopping,  reading a good book or interior decorating. For speaking engagements or general questions feel free to email her at nclark.kpprx@gmail.com.

Her specialities include:

    • Autoimmune conditions (Esp Hashimoto’s / hypothyroidism)
    • Hormones
    • Post birth control syndrome
    • LDN
    • Preconception/ Natural Fertility Options
    • Diabetes
    • MTM
    • Weight Loss
    • Gut / GI Tract
    • Natural Anxiety Options
    • Insomnia
    • Energy
Hours of operations: Mon-Fri 8-6 l Saturday 10-2 l Sunday Closed
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