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If you’re looking for a compound pharmacy in the Highland Park Texas area, we would like to welcome you to the website of Kearney Park Compound Pharmacy. Our team is specialized in handling unique needs of patients throughout Highland Park and surrounding areas. We can fill any specialized prescription from doctors. Specialized prescriptions could include special dosages and combinations.

Finding a good compound pharmacist can be difficult, that’s why Kearney Park Compound Pharmacy is ready to help you end the frustration that comes with dealing with standard, national chain pharmacies. For those of you new to the Highland Park Texas area, we would like to say welcome. Please read further to learn more about Highland Park and Kearney Park Compound Pharmacy. Also, welcome to the area, we know you’ll love it and are happy to serve you.

More on Highland Park Texas

Highland Park is a wealthy part of central Dallas County Texas. It has a small population of less than 9,000 people. As of the 2010 census it was just 8,564 and it found right between Dallas North Toll Way and U.S. Route 75 (N. Central Expressway). It sits only 4 miles to the north of downtown Dallas.

Highland Park sits in Dallas County and has a square mileage of 2.2 square miles. It sits at an elevation of 528 square feet and has a population density of 3,900 people per square mile. It sits in the central time zone and is a great place to live.

Highland Park uses the ZIP Codes of 75205 and 75209 and the area code of 214. For those of you living here, welcome, please keep reading to learn why KPPRX is your best choice for a compound pharmacy in the area.

Why Kearney Park Compound Pharmacy?

At Kearney Park Compounding Pharmacy, our team puts the needs of our patients as a priority. We aim to fill prescriptions fast and effectively so each patient can go back their normal business and life. At Kearney Park Compound Pharmacy of Highland Park, we’re ready to serve you and ready to deliver to any location. Contact Us Today!

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