Is Illnesses Triggered by Hot Weather

Exposing yourself to scorching temperatures can lead you to develop heat-related illnesses. As the body works to cool itself under the prolonged heat of the sun, blood rushes to the skin surface. In turn, there is less blood that reaches the brain, organs, and muscles.

At Kearny Park Compounding Pharmacy, we tell our customers that heat-related illness can happen to anyone. The elderly, obese, chronic alcoholics, and immunocompromised individuals are at higher risk. Individuals who take antihistamines, antipsychotic medications, and cocaine are at risk as well. Humid temperatures also interfere with the evaporation of sweat, the body’s way of cooling off.

Heat exhaustion, heat cramps, and heat stroke can happen. It’s when the body cannot adequately cool itself. Although quite the same, each is slightly different from the other.

Heat exhaustion

The body loses large amounts of water and salt during excessive sweating, physical activity or exercise. It can lead to disturbance of circulation and even interfere with brain function. Individuals who are most susceptible are those with kidney, lung and heart problems.

Heat cramps

When the body loses excessive salt and fluids, an individual can suffer heat cramps. It also leads to a loss of vital nutrients in the body such as magnesium and potassium.

Heat stroke

The most serious among the heat-related illnesses. When the body suffers from prolonged exposure to heat, the part of the brain the regulates the body temperature malfunctions. If this happens, it dramatically reduces the body’s ability to cool down.

Most people can recover from heat-related illness with prompt treatment. However, heat stroke can turn out to be deadly if no proper management is immediately given.

Heat-related illnesses can hit anytime. Stay hydrated especially if you’re going outdoors. Take frequent breaks. Wear light clothing and do a warm-up and cool-down period before and after exercise. These helpful tips can prevent heat-related illnesses from happening.

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