Most Common Food Allergies Among Kids

It’s during childhood years that everyone discovers a lot about their food preferences, appetite, metabolism, and unfortunately, allergies. Around 8% of kids in the United States have a certain kind of food allergy. Good news is majority of them outgrow the allergy at a certain age. However, not everyone has the same reaction. Some experience coughing, swelling, vomiting, tightening in the throat, sneezing, hives, itchiness, and more. Meanwhile, almost half of kids with food allergies are at risk of life-threatening reactions.

Here are the most common foods that trigger allergies among children.

  • Milk – Allergy to cow’s milk is likely the first thing parents will be able to detect since it is often the first food that babies and children take in. Around 90% of children will outgrow this by the age of three. If they haven’t, they might also be lactose intolerant and carry this until adulthood.
  • Nuts – Almonds, brazil nuts, cashews, macadamia nuts, pistachios, and walnuts are among the most popular tree nuts that your child can be allergic to. Unfortunately, this type of allergy is often a lifelong condition. The same goes with peanuts, or anything under legume. Parents of kids with this type of allergy need to be extra careful because reactions to this could be fatal.
  • Eggs – Children allergic to eggs are often reacting mainly to the egg white, which is rich in protein. Good news is most kids outgrow this allergy and the reaction is often not as lethal as other allergies.
  • Shellfish – Crustaceans (shrimp, crab, and lobster) and mollusks (clams, mussels, scallops, squid, oyster, and octopus) fall under this category. Most allergic reactions from shellfish can be immediately seen, i.e. hives, swelling, and digestive issues. Kids with this allergy are even kept away from the seafood while it’s being cooked since its vapors can also be harmful to them.
  • Wheat – The good news is kids with wheat allergy often outgrow this condition by the age of 10. The bad news is their reactions vary, from the fairly common itchiness and swelling to the more life-threatening anaphylaxis.

It is best to consult with your local pediatrician or family doctor to find out more about food allergies among kids. You can also call your pharmacist team at Kearney Park Compounding Pharmacy. We are conveniently located in Mesquite, but we offer free delivery options throughout the Dallas, Texas area.


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