Wellness Consultations

“Health is the greatest of human blessings” – Hippocrates

The expert staff of  KPPRX offers numerous wellness consultations to help our patients live healthier and more vibrant lives.  Consultations range from customized hormone therapy, pain management, weight management, nutrition, stress, sleep, describing, and functional medicine. We work in conjunction with other health professionals if needed to come up with a comprehensive health plan to get our patients back on track.  Our staff is currently training with the Institute of Functional Medicine, and holds numerous certifications and experience in stress management, smoking cessation, weight loss, herbals, and lifestyle changes. 

Adrenal Health (60 mins) $250.00 – Comprehensive plan to address Adrenal dysfunction and stress

Stress (60 mins) $150.00Consultation will help you destress your life and reclaim your health

Thyroid (60 mins) $400.00 – A comprehensive review of  Hashiomoto with a functional medicine practitioner. This will address labs, diet, lifestyle modifications, LDN, and medication adjustments if needed. 

Insomnia/ Sleep (60 min) $100.00Sleep is one of the pillars of Good Health.  The average person needs between 7-9 hours of sleep a day. Consultation will help patients come up with a game plan to optimize their health 

Weight Loss (60 mins) $250.00A Comprehensive plan for patients to achieve weight lost.

Hormones (60mins) $ 300.00Comprehensive review of hormones with plan (Male and Female Bio- Identical Hormones)

MTM ($50 or Free on some Ins) – A review of all medications prescribed by all prescribers and any over-the-counter and herbal products the patient may be taking to identify and address medication problems

CBD (15mins) FreeA quick overview of CBD oil, and the opportunity to find the best product for you 

Holistic/ Herbal (60 mins) $150.00Natural solutions for common conditions and diseases.  

Deprescribing (60mins) $200.00  Deprescribing is the planned and supervised process of dose reduction or the stopping of a medication that might be causing harm, or no longer be of benefit. Americans are taking a record number of medications often without a review of what is still needed, and what needs to be discontinued.  This consultation will help reduce medication burden and maintain or improve quality of life.

Pain Management (45 mins) $224.99This consult is designed to help patients find alternatives to opioids. Patient will work with a pharmacist to find oral and topical alternatives, and cost includes the cost of consult and script if needed.  

Naloxone (Narcan/ Evzio)  (15 mins) Free – Opioid Overdose – An estimated 10.3 million people abused opioids in 2018, and more than 70, 200 overdose deaths were reported in the US in2018. Naloxone is a prescription drug that can rapidly reverse opioid overdose.  Current recommendations are for any patients on long term opioids to have a naloxone (narcanevzio) on standby in case of an emergency. Sign up today to get more info on this life saving medication.

Functional Medicine (60mins) $400 – Functional Medicine is the health care of the FUTURE!!!  It is patient centered personalized medicine that addresses the root causes of illness and disease.  It believes each patient’s story and biochemistry are unique, and that the human body has the innate ability to heal itself. 

– Includes Autoimmune/ Inflammatory/ Gut Health/ Food Sensitivities/ Neurotransmitter Balance/ Thyroid 

Virtual Consultations – For more information please contact us @ nclark.kpprx@gmail.com

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