Functional Medicine

  • Personalize Medicine
  • Root Cause Medicine (e.g. Why Is Your Blood Pressure High, Instead Of Just Giving Med For High)
  • Patient – Centered
  • Lifestyle Modifications
  • Preventive Medicine
  • Empowers Patients to be Active In Their Health Care
  • Promotes Healthy & Vitality
  • Improves Outcomes In Chronic Conditions
  • Holistic

The Perfect Patient for a Functional Medicine Consult in Dallas, Mesquite Texas

1.)           Feels rush during doctor’s appointment

2.)           Feels like the Doctor isn’t listening to them

3.)           Feels like the doctor is just throwing medication at their symptoms

4.)           Feels like the doctor is not addressing your concerns and symptoms

5.)           Wants a more natural and holistic approach to health care

6.)           Wants to be a valued Member of their own Health Care Team

7.)           Wants to solve the why behind your condition

Looking for a compound pharmacist in Dallas County Texas? Kearney Park Compound Pharmacy is here for you. Our team specializes in filling prescriptions of all types and sizes; our staff is knowledgeable in all types of medication and can assist you in answering any questions or helping guide you.

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